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リモート電源コントローラー、SOD for SDGs                            Remote power supply controller (switch), SOD for SDGs

無 料 テ ス ト 使 用 歓 迎! Welcome to free testing!


This remote power supply controller  enables your hopes, dreams to be realized!

スイッチ オン ディマンド機能 Switch on demand function

 スイッチ オン ディマンド機能とは必要な時のみ電気製品、機器、道具などに電気を供給する機能で、前社名のケイ・イー・シーとして省エネ大賞を受賞し、NTTに技術供与した節電虫のコア技術。

 この機能を的確に表現するために英語ではSOD(Switch on demand)と命名しています。

 以下の図のように、このSOD機能を使うとインターネットなしスマホなどからもう一方の固定電話に電話するだけでSODに接続されたいろいろな電気製品、器具、道具に電源を入れる、必要な時のみ電気を供給することができ、SDGs の理念にも合います。



 Switch on demand function is the feature to supply power to electric goods, equipment, tools and so on only when the power is needed, to which Energy Saving Grand Prize was awarded. This technology was transferred to NTT in 2002. 

 To express this function precisely, it has been named SOD (Switch On Demand).

As shown below, this SOD function enables you to supply electricity to, turn on various electric goods, equipment, tools without the internet access simply by calling to a landline telephone from your smartphone, which is in line with the principles of SDGs. 

 You can do it however far it may be (ex. from the other side of the earth or from the space).

 Furthermore, no telephone fee is needed.

リモート電源操作事例 Some examples of remote power controlling


Please control (turn on/off) the power supply source of your electrical goods and machines freely from your own smartphone or phone when needed with this SOD Remote Power Controller.





*The main switches of the electric goods, equipment, tools connected to SOD

 should be kept on.  

*After SOD functions, the electricity is supplied for about 5 minutes.

*If the longer power suppling time is needed, SOD should be modified,

 which costs ten thousand yen (\10,000) per unit.

使用例 Kさんのケース:回線電話機 + リモート電源コントローラー(SOD)






SOD is connected to the land-line phone itself with a wireless handset at home. The handset is used in a room on the second floor.

SOD turns on the land-line phone only when the phone receives and transmits, so the power saving of the phone is more than 90% in our house where we use the phone (for receiving and transmitting) only a few times a month.

There is no problem when receiving (both on the land-line phone and the wireless handset) and sending from the land-line phone, but only when sending from the wireless handset, the following steps are required.

(1) Make a call from your mobile phone to our own land-line phone, check the ring tone, and hang up the phone without talking. (This is the SOD function of turning on the device (phone) remotely.)

(2) Then, you call anyone or any company you want to from the wireless handset.

使用例 Wさんのケース:回転灯 + 回線電話機 + リモート電源コントローラー(SOD)





We have a family member who is a little deaf, and we use a SOD connected to a land-line phone and a rotating light (flasher) to notice incoming calls.

When the land-line phone receives an incoming call, the light of the rotating lamp notifies the user of the incoming call at the same time as it is received, so the user knows that the call has been received even if there is no ringing tome from the land-line phone. The rotating lights (flashers) can be installed in multiple locations, so if you wire it to a remote location, you can see the lighting signal of the reception anywhere.

(The person making the call will turn on and off the rotating light (flasher) of the person they want to talk to from a distance, which means they will control the power remotely.)

Of course, when the land-line phone is not in use, the SOD turns off the power, which saves a lot of electricity.

使用例 S社のケース:サーバー + 回線電話機 + リモート電源コントローラー(SOD)



When one of our devices on a mountaintop far away from the office freezes up, we have to turn it off and then turn it back on.

We use the SOD to make this realized remotely.

Although it means very little in terms of power saving, it is a great help as it eliminates the need for our staff to travel far, day and night, to restart the system.

リモート電源コントローラーのデモ機、無料貸し出し                    Remote power controller for free testing







There should be many possible uses and applications for SOD.

If you would like to test the SOD, please send us your thoughts using the email form below. 

We will determine if testing is feasible, and if so, we will sign a contract to conduct the testing and provide you with a demo unit free of charge.

 (The round-shipping costs should be borne by the tester.)

If you want to purchase for testing, please contact us using the mail form below.


We will reply with the number of items in stock and the payment method (credit card, bank transfer, etc.).

技術開発の背景  Background of technology development


この目標達成のために今日の世の中のトレンドは「インターネットと多機能」ですが、現在、データセンターを中心にIT 機器の消費電力は全電力消費量の2%と言われ、今後は増大するでしょう。






The pursuit of convenience is one of the goals of many engineers.

In order to achieve this goal, the trend in today's world is to use "Internet and multi-functionality." Currently, but the power consumption of IT equipment, especially in data centers, is said to be 2% of the total power consumption, and it will increase in the future.

(References: Internet-related power consumption is 2% of total power consumption. The impact of the development of the information society on energy consumption.)

Whether this consumption is high or low depends on our point of view, but power saving for the Internet, which is essential for constant operation, is a major global theme for sure.

Whereas, our remote power control (switching) technology, "Switch on Demand" technology, is the quite opposite of the world's trend and provides the convenience of using power only when needed across time and space by turning on and off the electric appliances and machines with "single function without Internet" technology.

It also fits the philosophy of the SDGs.

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