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English Speaking Society in Onomichi, Hiroshima JAPAN

This voluntary learning activity has been operated mainly by OFFICE KTK and Onomichi Glocal Labo in Onomichi city

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Three learning courses in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening are now available.

     Regular free English learning sessions are held in two places of Minari and Kubo since September, 2016.
Regular free English learning sessions are held in two places of Minari and Kubo since September, 2016.

ESS in Onomichi re-opened on April 11, 2013

TV coverage of ESS in Onomichi is here and here.

Magazine and newspaper coverage of ESS is here.


We, Japanese members, welcome you as Skype guests if you are interested in exchanging information and ideas in English among us.

Please get in touch with us using the e-mail form at the bottom of this page. 

 (both in Japanese and in English)

The summary of the finished meetings in the past years are uploaded at the following linked sites (both in Japanese and in English).

Meetings in 2020    Meetings in 2019    Meetings in 2018    Meetings in 2017

Meetings in 2016    Meetings in 2015    Meetings in 2014    Meetings in 2013

                                                                                                                                  March, 2013


ESS in Onomichi, a non profit organization, prepared earnestly up to now is to open in April, next month and the first regualr meeting is held as following.


The cross-border and supra-regional highly concentrated information and opinion exchanges are expected. 


Please feel free to join us.


1st regular meeting

 Time & Date: 10:30 - 12:00,     April 11, 2013 (Thursday)  

 Place:KTK Office (Google guide


Please make a contact for further information or your joining using the e-mailing form below.

                                                                            February, 2013

Free English Speaking Society:

    We will establish the free ESS where all the members learn English skills by themselves making use of the many English materials around us. Anyone can join us so that please make a contact with us.. The date and time of the ESS will be a daytime on Thursdays and it will start with 3 or more members. The possible members living in foreign countries or in the distance can join through Skype.

    Actually we had the same kind of English learning sapce until over ten years ago at my office. Some of the young students in junior and senior high schools in those days are now working as a medical doctor in Europe and a company employee in the financial field in USA. I am proud of having made some contribution for them by offering the off-campus learning place.



Regulations of ESS (draft)

1.Name:English Speaking Society in Onomichi
2.Time & Date:10:30 - 12:00,  2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month

3.Place: KTK Office (Location map is here.) up to May, 2018

                 NY Office (Noel Russell's office near KTK Office) from June, 2018

4.Membership fee:\1,000 per month (miscellaneous expense, except foreigners by Skype)
5.Management:Cooperative management by all the members,

             Mutual learning among the members through making use of their experience, 

             knowledge, information.

6.Members:Any students and adults with learning appetite regardless their nationalities.
      Foreigners and those living in a distance join through Skpye.
7.Others:Please introduce this ESS to your friends or acquaintances.
      Facebook pages will be ready on the early possible date.
      Other necessary regulations will be decided by all the members.



Flow of the meetings.


10:30 (Japan time) Talking with iTalk teachers, Welcoming for new members if any,

                             What's new for each member.             

11:00 (Japan time) Talking with the guest on Skype, Reading and discussions using

  to 12:00               some  timely topics written in English

                             Questions and answers among all the members.


Skype Guest as of August, 2013


Dr. Res R Sarno (USA)

Mr. Dinesh Jain (USA)

Mr. Peter More (USA)

Mr. Samuel Muchiri (Kenya) 

English teachers (Philippines) 


Facebook page of ESS in Onomichi is here.

                                                                                                                                                              August 8, 2016

A new English learning branch opened by Free English Learning Society in Onomichi:  
Regular free English learning meetings have been held only in Minari in Onomichi, but we have now more than 20 studious people registered. 
(The ideal number should be 5 or 6 in a class, though.)

And we have been requested to open the similar free English learning gatherings as well. So we have decided to open another new learning place in Kubo next month in September. 
We are happy if we can be prepared for coping with the increasing number of overseas tourists to Onomichi and can respond to expectations by broad range of English learners including seniors.

August 21, 2016

Volunteer participants from overseas wanted by ESS in Japan

Free English Speaking Society in Onomichi, Hiroshima JAPAN welcome the overseas members who can join the regular meetings in English twice a month to exchange the mutual information and/or discuss the various matters. 
The regular meetings are held on Skype at 10:30 ~ and 15:00 ~ on 2nd and 4th Thursdays (Japan time). 
For further information please have a look at the following sites. 
                                                                                                                   Thanks in advance.

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