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In Kampala, Uganda in September, 2008
In Kampala, Uganda in September, 2008 as a member of Investment Promotion & Observation Team both by Japanese Government and Private sectors

Office KTK was established in Onomichi-city, Hiroshima in Japan in 1977 as a translator's and interpreter's office for SMEs. Since then we have served for many companies, groups and individuals with its business policies of contribution to internatinalization, natural environment and local communities.


KEC Inc., the predecessor of Office KTK, has been an electronic and chemical technology development company and it worked on developing the electricity saving technologies and the devices (named SOD) between 1994 and 2012. It won Energy Conservation Award in 1997 as the smallest company ever and the technology has been transferred to NTT-AT. (3D rotatable images of SODs)

The SOD also has received two other prominent awards, making us a triple awards winner


This SOD technology has now been applied to Internet SOD as IoT (Internet of Things) as well.(Introductory video at the exhibition


Office KTK is now newly operating "i V-Chat Japanese", "Online English learning support" as the language related business, and the guest house and the office / shop for rent (only in Japanese) as the real estate business.                                                                              

This website also has a blog pagehobby pagesregional volunteer activity pages as well as TV and radio program production recorded pages.


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Notice: The homepage site of KEC Inc. ( and its E mail address were closed on December 31, 2013.

Introduction of KTK & Technologies by medias

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Coverage by newspapers and magazines (~2012)

Coverage by newspapers and magazines (2013~)

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Career history (Karl Kamamoto)

Hobby introduction (Karl Kamamoto) 

Volunteer & Hobby (Karl Kamamoto)

SOD technology now has been being upgraded into IoT technplogy.

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The following pictures show the overseas and its related activities

More pictures are here.


Music Space 2010an original guitar music for us,

                                       compsed by A. Kitagawa, a guitarist

La Playa    Barcarole    Feste Lariane

                                       played by the site owner, Karl Kamamoto

L' estro Armonico / SORA (a classic guitar group, Karl Kamammoto)   

News updates

August 29, 2017 Video brochure for Guest House KTK Onomichi on the web
August 06, 2017 Second business talks on education program export to Indiain Kyoto
May 18, 2017  Free English learning lessons offered
April 23, 2017

Sixth Sunflower Music Festival 2017 finished,  

Music played by Karl Kamamoto are here .

March 23, 2017 Business matching between India and Japan started
March 03, 2017 Translation work for Malaysian patrol vessel finished
February 16, 2017 New Project of Parent-Child English Learning favorably reported
January 01, 2017 Happy New Year!

 News in the past is listed here.

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