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TEL: +81-80-1928-8778

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9:00 ~ 17:00 (Monday ~ Friday)

Shop / Office for rent for foreigners in Onomichi-city

One room at a reasonable charge is for you and your group.

(The right room on the 1st floor toward the picture)

You could use nearby hot springs, restaurants (Japanese, western style), convenient stores, a super market, a launderette  and so on if necessary.  

You can enjoy your business together with a fluent English speaking owner.

Music present for you「La Playaplayed by the owner of KEC Building 


Name KEC Building, Onomichi

1st floor KEC Bldg, 1998-2 Minari Minari Minogo-cho Onomichi city HIROSHIMA 722-0215 JAPAN

Contact +81-80-1928-8778    E-mail: Please use the mailing form below.  


Karl T. Kamamoto

1.5 kilometers from  New Onomichi Shinkansen Station and only 10 meters from the nearest bus stop (Refer to Google Map below.)

It takes 20 minutes on foot from New Onomichi Shinkansen Station to Guest House KTK, but 5 minutes by bus.

(From the conventional Sanyo Line Onomichi Station, it takes 20 minutes by bus to Gest House KTK.)

Nearby amenities & shops

Two hot springs (public bath), restaurants, coffee shops,  convenient stores, a super market, a launderette within a several hundred meter walking distance

(Refer to the list of close amenities and the destination paths)


For further information or questions, feel free to write to us in English.

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