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Translation and Interpretation Service

Office KTK serves  SMEs for their translation and interpretation work among Japanese, English and Arabic.

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Mr. Karl T. Kamamoto, a representative of Office KTK, has been registered as a court interpreter at Hiroshima Bar association since 1993.

We have a lot of experience in working with the lawyers and/or judicial scriveners in USA, England, the Philippines and others countries in the fields of property succession, medical cost payment dispute and others.

We have also provided interpretation services for maritime accidents and cases subject to lawsuits and trials, including interpretation work during the preparation of written statements.  


                                               STEP: Society for Testing English Proficiency 





We have done a lot of translation and interpretation work in

the fields of chemistry, electricity and machineries for a long time.

Much experience by Mr. Karl T. Kamamoto as a chemical engineer and an energy saving technology developer is sure to be made use effectively from now on as well. The list of the work is here.


Coverage of Hiroshima by Chicago Tribune in 1982 

The newspaper interview article between Mr. Takahashi, then director of Hiroshima Peace Museum, and the newspaper reporter from Chicago, USA is here, which was titled Hiroshima Remembered in the Perspective published by Chicago Tribune in USA  on August 6th, 1982.

Car carrier to Greece in 2013

An used car carrier was sold to Greece.

Before departing, the inspection work out of the ship body was conducted by divers.

I worked for the both parties as an interpreter.  

Bon Voyage!

As an interpreter on the Malaysian patrol vessel in 2017
Last week I was working as a translator for about 10 Japanese crews and 25 Malaysian crews including a captain during the workplace training on the Malaysian patrol boat named PEKAN.
This used patrol vessel whose former name was Erimo has been granted to Malaysia from Japanese Government. Before leaving Japan for Pekan, Malysia on March 4th, it underwent a major face-lift, its equipment was renewed and the new crews were trained for 2 weeks.
I wish them Bon Voyage and every success in their new duty.

LPG carrier to Thailand in 2017

20 year-old LPG carrier left Onomichi port after the handover process between the both parties.

Prior to the port clearance,  some additional translation work on the operation manuals and the interpretation work on the spot was done by me.

The ship is to be in service for 30 more years.


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