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自動節電(電源オフ)コンセント                             Automatic Electricity Saving (Power off) Outlet


All electrical products with remote controls continue to consume standby power when connected to a power source, even when turned off.




Standby power consumption by remote controlled appliances and how to cut it amid electricity rates raised again!

This video specifically introduces one of the two basic technologies developed by the OFFICE KTK for zero standby power consumption.

The other technology, which detects the start of communication signals and turns on/off electrical appliances, was utilized by NTT, and I received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for this technology. 

We hope this technology I introduce this time will be also utilized by home appliance and related manufacturers as energy prices (electricity rates) continue to rise today.

自動節電(電源オフ)コンセントのデモ機、無料貸し出し                          Automatic electricity saving (power off) outlet for free testing






There should be many possible uses and applications for Automatic Electricity Saving (Power off) Outlet (AESO, Super SOD).

If you would like to test the AESO, please send us your thoughts using the email form below. 

We will determine if testing is feasible, and if so, we will sign a contract to conduct the testing and provide you with a demo unit free of charge.

 (The round-shipping costs should be borne by the tester.)

If you want to purchase for testing, please contact us using the mail form below. 

We will reply with the number of items in stock and the payment method (credit card, bank transfer, etc.).

技術開発の背景 Reasons for technology development





How to cut standby power consumption (2), Corporate Awareness and Action

In terms of individual and corporate awareness, standby power consumption was ignored until the end of the economic bubble, and after the energy crisis of 1990, technological development moved in the direction of cutting it. Under the recent energy crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, insightful companies have begun to produce products that can save standby power consumption to zero, even by manual and mechanical means.

They see a technological barrier that cannot be overcome by digital and convenience-seeking technologies alone. 

However, no product except our automatic electricity saving (power off) outlet (AESO, Super SOD) is yet capable of automatically reducing standby power consumption to zero.

待機電力消費量減少技術の歴史 The history of technologies to reduce standby power consumption

1.   1990; 待機電力消費は無視されていた。

2. 19902000; メカニックな方法で待機電力消費を低減化


3. 20002020; デジタル技術で待機電力消費を低減化


4. 2020~  ; デジタル技術とメカニックな方法で待機電力消費のゼロ化 


1.      – 1990; Standby power consumption was ignored.
2. 1990 – 2000; Standby power consumption was reduced by mechanical methods.

         (Developed electricity-saving technology and won the Energy

        Conservation Grand Prize)

3. 2000 - 2020; Standby power consumption is reduced by digital technology.

        (Power-saving technology adopted by NTT-AT)

4. 2020 -     ; Zero standby power consumption by the combination of digital

                technology and mechanical methods
Technologies for reducing standby power consumption have entered the fourth generation, which is the era of zeroing out standby power consumption.

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