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TV & Radio program production and broadcasting

Radio BINGO, FM radio staion in Fukuyama


For two and a half years from August of 1996 to March of 1999, I was in charge of the business related radio program producing and broadcasting as one of the starting personalities  for the Radio BINGO that had opened August 8th 1996. 

The general information of the programs can be seen at the following sites. (only in Japanese)

1. Business Network for a Million people in Bingo area (1 hour)

2. World Stage Prart 1 (1 hour)

3. World Stage Part 2 (2 hours)

The program list (only in Japanese) for 138 boradcastings)


After finishing this radio related job, I began working for opening FM Onomichi radio station as a director, which successfully opened  May 1, 1999.


OCTV, Onomichi Cable Television


I was also in charge of the business related TV program producing and broadcasting  as one of the TV casters for seven and a half years from January, 1999 to June, 2007.  

The program on the Internet streaming can be seen at the following sites. (only in Japanese except the World Stage)

1. Company Visiting - Your products and my goods - 

    / Manufacturing and service industries supporting  program  (15 minutes)

2. Close Up Inforamtion - Your concern and my interest - 

   / Media mixed information program with Nikkan Kogyou Newspaper (15 minutes)

      (The program list (only in Japanese) for 213 boradcastings)

3. World Stage - Let's challenge in English - 

   / Information exchange program connecting Onomichi with the world

        in real time on Skype (15 minutes)



The number of internet streaming programs will be increased accordingly.

Sorry for the pictures not being clear.

Reprinted TV shows (July, 2022 - )

Starting in July 2022, we introduce on the Internet the reprinted TV shows we began producing and broadcasting in 1999, titled "Once upon a time in Onomichi and Its Suburbs," which are video records of industries and services. Please look forward to them

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