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OFFICE KTK has been positively engaged in the international business planning and supporting between Japan and foreign countries and our staffs have visited fourteen (14) countries up to now.


In 1990's OFFICE KTK worked together with a foreign law office to help a Japanese company advance into one of the South-East Asian countries, where we helped them with their site acquisition, factory & office construction and production start-up. 


In 2000's we made business plans in China and African countries for Japanese companies as well as my supporting a JETRO project backed by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Indsutry) to invite foreign companies to Hiroshima prefecture. 

As time changes, the business changes as well. For decades from now in Japan,  the additional one million nursing staffs are needed in the hosipitals and the nursing homes, which means Japan can not survive without the foreign personnel.

OFFICE KTK has now started working on nurse staffing project from the foreign countries to Japan to solve the above mentioned problem by making good use of the direct relationship with the big foreign hospitals and their affilaited nurse college.

This project has been suspended due to the lack of preparation on Japan side.


As the latest development, we started supporting the education program export to India in March, 2017.

Going well, the market research by a cooperative and powerful company in India will be finished by the end of March, 2018, next year. (Picture taken In Kyoto on August 6, 2007)

This project has been stopped due to the delayed response on Japan side,

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