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Recent Case (Nurse staffing from the Philippines)



Thanks to the direct connection with the foreign big general hospitals ()and their affiliated nurse colleges, we can introduce the good licensed nurses to you. 

The nurses are to finish basic Japanese language lessons in the attached colleges before coming to Japan because the language skills are indespensable in the human relashonships.


The hospitals' network is worldwide and three of them are in Japan (Tokyo, Kobe and Okinawa). They also have been running thirteen schools in Japan from kindergartens to colleges. 


We will inform you of the names of the hospitals, colleges and schools at your request.


Scheme of nurse staffing

For your inquiry, please use the mailing form at this page.


Reference data

Caregivers in short supply


It is said that the caregiver shortage in Japan in 10 years up to 2025 is one million (1,000,000) in number.


To cope with this situation, the trainees in the nursing home industry can be accepted into Japan from April next year in 2015.


Assuming that 20% of the shortage can be made up for by foreign caregivers, the number is 200,000.