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Some hobbies of mine

Guitar playing

TV coverage

Music Space

Amatuer radio



Flying boat

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The work-life balance is very important.

Personally I would like balance the four items of the work, the hobby, the health and the information exchage.


In this calegory, I introduce the followings I have experienced and have been enjoying up to now.


Classical guitar palying, guitar playing with other music instruments and Music Space


Local and international SNSs 


Canoeing and flying boat making use of my living  environment 


Amatuer radio operation over the world  


Start of hobbies; Carcassi, a guitar playing textbook:
One of my hobbies, playing the guitar, rightly began with this textbook of a guitar playing textbook about 50 years ago.
This book by Mr. Seiji Nawata, a guitarist, is now out of print and very popular on the Internet auction.
A little before my twenty when I was in Osaka, I learned playing the guitar from Mr. Ikuya Nakagawa, a professional guitarist, and experienced playing solo, Adelita in the Asahi Seimei Hall 1n 1966 and Capricho Arabe in Moriguchi civic hall in 1967.
After that I enjoyed playing in the guitar & mandolin club in the private company for about 10 years and stopped it for about 30 years. It was only about 10 years ago to make a re-start of playing the guitar in Fukuyama in 2006 and Onomichi guitar ensemble groups until last year of 2016. Totally it is about 20 year-long hobby. (As of 2017.07.27)

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