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著 作 物 と 講 演 Literary works and Lectures

著 作 物   Literary works

① わっ! 節電虫(益虫)が飛んできた!(日) 


      開発経緯を STORYS で公開連載中

    Wow! Here comes Setsuden-mushi(英)

    - Welcome to the world of

          electricity saving rate of 90% -

    Freely available on STORYS site   

② イヤでも身につく”使える英語力”(日)

       STORYS で公開連載中

  How to get English skills even if you don't

    want to (英)

       Freely available soon.

③ 決 断/日刊工業新聞社編(日、英)

  Decision / Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (J, E)

   STORYS で公開連載中、Freely available 

④ 中四国のエコ作戦/日刊工業新聞社編


    Ecological strategy in Chugoku & Shikoku

    areas / Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (J, E)

   Freely available soon.

講  演     Lectures


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  Special lectures at Onomichi city university


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出張講演  Visiting lectures

釜本 ニ の経験と実績の範囲内でお話させていただきます。


I will be happy to talk with you within the scope of my experience and achievements.

Please refer to the above website for my biography and achievements, and then contact me by e-mail.

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