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Please sell Japanese products in your country!

We are looking for companies that can carry out the following preparation and practical steps to sell Japanese products in excellent quality in your countries.


In order to start doing business with us, a Japanese goods export agency, it is important that you consider and implement the following steps.

It is important to conduct specific research and planning both in Japan and in your county, as there are different legal requirements and business environments in different countries and regions that consume goods exported from Japan.


1. Market Research and Identifying Needs:

Conduct local market research on the goods to be exported from Japan to determine if there is demand.

We also research the laws, regulations, and taxes of the importing country to ensure that your business is appropriate for that market.


2. Legal Procedures and Permits:

Export operations from Japan are subject to international legal requirements.

We review legal procedures regarding export licenses, permits, duties, taxes, etc., and obtain the necessary permits.


3. Product Quality Control and Packaging:

We ensure that the quality of products exported from Japan are of the highest possible quality.

Goods to be exported from Japan must be of high quality and properly packaged.

We will establish a quality control system for products and ensure that they meet international quality standards.

Packaging and labeling will also be in accordance with the laws of the importing country and meet the requirements of the importing country.


4. Securing Means of Transportation and Logistics:

We secure the means of transportation and plan the logistics for exporting goods from Japan.

We consider transportation routes, carriers, insurance, etc. in the importing country to ensure smooth transportation of goods.


5. Pricing and contract terms:

Set the price for exporting goods from Japan.

We set export prices from Japan and clarify contract terms.

We set competitive prices, taking into account currency fluctuations, transportation costs, taxes, etc. between Japan and the importing country.


6. Local Marketing and Sales:

We develop marketing and sales strategies for Japanese products in the importing country.

We will use sales promotions, advertising, networking, etc. in the importing country to attract customers.


7. Local Legal Risk Management

Establish a system to manage legal risks in order to respond to changes in laws and regulations in the importing country.

Consider enlisting the assistance of attorneys and legal advisors.


8. Local customer support and after-sales service:

We will provide customer support and after-sales service in the importing country to build trust.

Promptly respond to any complaints or problems that may arise to ensure customer satisfaction.


By taking these steps in sequence, while also adapting to regional and country-specific circumstances, we get started as an export agent for Japanese-made goods. To get off to a solid start, it is also important to seek expert advice in both the exporting and importing countries. 

Registration Free for Japanese Companies!

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Registration Free for Japanese Companies!

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