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超 エ コ 染 色 ラ ボ Super Ecological Dyeing Laboratory

SDGs 持 続 可 能 開 発 目 標 Sustainable Development Goals

生体と地球環境に優しい Human & Earth-Friendly







Eco. 1:Dyes to be used are safe for our

    bodies and environment

            friendly ones

Eco. 2Goods to be dyed are

    biodegradable fibers (plant and


Eco. 3Dyeing wastewater is not

    discharged into the rivers .

目  的  Mission




染色教育(講 座):各種染色法、染色前処理と後処理、染色助剤、



Ecological Dyeing Work and Dyeing Lecture

Dyeing work: Dyeing work of goods, technical guidance of dyeing work,

        experimental practical dyeing work

Dyeing lecture: Various dyeing methods, pre and after treatments, dyeing auxiliary agents,

         various fiber (textile) products    

主宰者の横顔 Profile of Representative

横 顔1東洋紡の研究所(写真、下)で全種類の染色仕上げ研究に従事。

横 顔2:中国四川省(成都南充)で絹布の染色仕上げ、品質改善を指導。

横 顔3:食物鮮度保持技術の確立に従事し、鮮度保持化学理論提唱。 


    ご 挨 拶


Profile 1: Engaged in research on dyeing and finishing all kinds of fibers 

     in the technical institute of TOYOBO Co., Ltd. (the picture above)

Profile 2: Technical guidance of dyeing and quality improvement for silk industry

     in Chengdu and Nanchong, China.

Profile 3: Engaged in developing food freshness-keeping technology, setting up

             chemical theory.





◎Other chemistry related research record is here.

◎Power saving technology development  record

 is here.

◎Profile introduction by pictures is here.


These 3 primary and black colors are natural and safe for our body.

お知らせ  Precautions




Note 1 : Fastness (to washing, light, rubbing, perspiration and others) and color yield properties of the dyes used by Super Ecological Dyeing Laboratory (SEDL) are inferior to those chemically produced ones because of their safety properties to living organisms and their earth-friendliness.   

Note 2 : Fibers dyed by SEDL are inferior to the man-made fibers in their physical properties such as strength,  crease resistance and others.

Note 3 : Products dyed by SEDL are enjoyable ones closer to the natural life cycle. 

ご注文方法  How to Order

Responsibility of Manufactures and Users







Please contact us to tell your order to dye yours in Super Ecological Dyeing Laboratory by the following e-mail form.

◎Dyeing work and/or lectures will start On October 1, 2021, until when please wait

 for a while.

◎After receiving your contact mail, letters of confirmation and order are sent to you.

◎After your reading precautions of order and filling in necessary information, please

 send it back to us by e-mail, by which both sides mutually confirm the dyeing work

 and/or dyeing lectures. 

◎Dyeing work procedures and/or lectures will be finished in the order of the above

 confirmation and the dyed goods will be delivered accordingly.

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場所・アクセス・電話  Address, Access and Telephone


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