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翻訳及び通訳の例 - 翻訳・通訳サービス by 釜本事務所 Translation & Interpretation Service by Office-KTK 



Cross-border property inheritance and problem solving:

KTK Office has provided translation and interpretation services for corporations as well as for individuals.

Some of our work for individuals includes assistance in resolving judicial issues related to inheritance and medical payments between foreign countries and Japan, which are posted on the following website under confidentiality.

Although I have the title of attorney-interpreter, I am not a lawyer, so my role was to help the clients and the lawyers overcome the language barrier and resolve the issue amicably in the way the clients wished.

Although I have the title of attorney interpreter registered with the bar association, I am not a lawyer, so my role was to assist the lawyers to overcome the language barrier and resolve the problem amicably in the way the client desired.

This time, I have been asked to provide advice on inheritance between Japan and the Philippines, and I hope that I will be able to resolve the matter to the mutual satisfaction of both parties together with the lawyers, as I have done in the past, for the sake of my favorite country, the Philippines.