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オンライン月例会、英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本  Online monthly meetings, STEP 1st Graders’(& Equivalent qualification) Network in Japan

テレビで紹介! 2021.04.12  (5分)
This network, born in Onomichi, now has nearly 120 members from all over Japan.
I started this in 2014 as a volunteer activity, not a for-profit business.
This year, in 2021, the online monthly meetings have started on the second Saturday evening every month for mutual communication and information exchange.
With the keyword "Eiken 1st grade", the members of the network have been registered regardless of gender, occupation or age, and each monthly meeting has become a place to exchange not only language related information but also useful business information.
Introduced on TV!  2021.04.12  (5 min)