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持続可能開発目標 Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals:
It has been recognized even in Japanese as SDGs.
The current sea pollution caused by synthetic polymers of various plastics and microfibers is very serious.
Because they can’t be biodegraded in the nature.
This should cause the bad health problems to us human beings through the food chain system.
Since this March I have been working on developing the ethical dyeing method only by myself, which produces no microfibers because the dyed fibers are biodegradable.
Furthermore、the dyes I use are the ones having developed for the food industry and they have scientifically been proved to have no bad influence on human bodies.
But the fibers can’t be colored at all by these dyes because these dyes have no affinity to the fibers, which means no chemical reaction occurs between the two.
This is the problem I have to solve and it seems to be a challenge to impossibility as well as when I worked on SOD development.
Looking back to this SOD (Switch On Demand, awarded Grand Energy Saving Prize in 1997) development back in 1990s, it was also one of SODs.