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規制で創造性アップ Why Imposing Restrictions Can Actually Boost Creativity











This was a talking theme at Free English learning society in Onomichi the other day on September 19.

Phil, an online member, from New Zealand prepared the talking material posted at the following site and emceed the meeting.

I believe creativity is boosted under the conditions of disadvantage, inconvenience, danger or waste as well curiousness to various phenomenon, introducing my own first making No. 1 as followswhen I was a high school student more than 50 years ago.

1.  Making an alarm clock with automatic switching a desk light on function to wake up for sure in the dark room

2.  Synthesizing a new polymer of Nylon 66 grafted chloroprene rubber to satisfy my interest in new polymer materials

3.  New textile printing method development to stop children’s burn injuries in USA in 1980s

4.  Standby electricity saving technology and device development to keep the better earth environment

5.  Proposing a new chemical theory for a freshness keeping technology for vegetable and fishes to decrease food losses

These are written in detail at the following sites.