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6月、7月の尾道無料英会話道場 Free English learning meetings in June and July



6月第4(午前例会No. 236) 627日(木)10:30 – 


7月第1(夜間例会No. 124) 706日(土)19:00


7月第2(午前例会No. 237) 711日(木)10:30 – 


7月第3(特別対面オフライン例会(No. 125) 720日(土)9:00 - 西光禅寺にて

   ノーベル賞受賞者が禅寺で見つけた心の安らぎ - NHK WORLD-JAPAN ニュース

7月第4(午前例会No. 238) 725日(木)10:30 – 


The schedule of online meetings and one offline special meeting are (were) as follows.

The morning meetings on Thursdays have been with a few English-speaking natives.

The 4th (morning meeting No. 238), June 27th (Thur.), 10:30

   Peter Duttons nuclear plan is an economic disaster that would leave Australians paying more for electricity.

The 1st (evening meeting No.124), July 6th  (Sat.), 19:00 -  

   This SoCal suburb hailed for its five keys to a long, healthy life. We explore the Blue Zone.

The 2nd (morning meeting No. 237), July 11h (Thur.), 10:30 -  

  Three people found at Mt. Fuji crater confirmed dead

The 3rd (Special offline meeting No. 125), July 20th (Sat.), 19:00At Saiko Temple

Nobel laureate finds peace of mind at Zen temple - NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

The 4th (morning meeting No. 238), July 25th (Thur.), 10:30

Not decided yet.


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