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5月の尾道無料英会話道場 Free English learning meetings in May



* 第1(夜間例会No. 121) 504日(土)19:00 –


* 第2(午前例会No. 233) 509日(木)10:30 – 


* 第3(夜間例会(No. 122) 518日(土)19:00 -


* 第4(午前例会No. 234) 523日(木)10:30 -


The schedule of all the meetings online is as follows.

The morning meetings on Thursdays have been with a few English-speaking natives.

The 1st (evening meeting No.    ), May 4th (Sat.), 19:00 -  

   No meeting due to a national holiday

The 2nd (morning meeting No. 233), May 9th (Thur.), 10:30 -  

  I stopped apologising for my poor German, and something wonderful happened.

The 3rd (evening meeting No. 121), May 18th (Sat.), 19:00 -

Routine jobs raise the risk of cognitive decline by 66% and dementia by 37%.

The 4th (morning meeting No. 234), May 23rd (Thur.), 10:30 –

Here’s How Faithfully Oppenheimer Captures Its Subject’s Real Life


For past records of meetings, please visit the website below.