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記録的円安  Record low yen





I remember when the yen was 360 to the dollar. I came to the U.S. in 1977 when the yen was 300 to the dollar and lived in San Diego for six months, where I was keenly aware of the difference in national strength. Conversely, when the yen appreciated to 79 yen to the dollar (April 1995), I benefited from this while working overseas.

The current depreciation of the yen before 160 yen to the dollar is mainly due to the difference in interest rates between Japan and the U.S., but fundamentally, it is due to the inaction of the government and the Bank of Japan.

Especially, one aspect of these negative effects, such as the ineptitude in promoting science and technology that weakened Japan's international technological competitiveness under former Prime Minister Abe, and the fact that he has maintained his administration through a deceptive tactics national election using slush funds, is now manifesting itself as a symptom of the record low yen.

On the other hand, despite being so weak as a country, the Japanese have not recognized that Japan is now a weak and poor country. It is important for Japanese people to work harder and more efficiently, and to be humble enough to learn from their predecessors who demonstrated creativity and made achievements in the research, development, business starting and production and manufacturing sectors in Japan from the postwar period (after 1945) to the 1990s.