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おのてつ(尾道鉄道)の思い出 Memories of Onotetsu (Onomichi Railway)





The other day I watched a TV program about the Onomichi Railway, which opened in 1925 and was discontinued in August 1964.

One of my friends from elementary school talked about those days in the program, and I remembered it fondly.

I used the line every day from Sanbien Station to Onomichi Station as a connecting transportation to the Sanyo Line trains to go to high school in Fukuyama for 2 years and 4 months from April 1962 until the line was closed.

This friend asked me to contribute my memories of those days as one of the users to a local record booklet, and I made a 800-word summary of how station buildings, trains, boarding and alighting, and passengers were at that time.