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英検面接試験委員(試験官)登録デビュー、無料支援 Free support for registration and debut of Eiken interview examiners



このような無料の支援組織「英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク(E1N) in 日本」を私が開始して今年が10年目ですが、毎年、約10数名の有資格者が試験委員として登録誕生し、毎回のように新しい面接試験員として全国のどこかでデビューしています。

英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク(E1N) in 日本:

The oral interview test in English for the 3rd Practical English Proficiency Test, which is the last one in the 2023 academic year, was held on Sunday, February 18 for all levels (Schedule A, see attached photo).

In last fall, I was contacted and requested by the qualified people who wanted to be registered as interview examiners of Eiken, and I assisted them in being registered as qualified examiners with English proficiency.

They could successfully debut as the examiners this time on February 18th in Hiroshima and in Osaka.

This is the 10th year since I started the Eiken Level 1 (& Equivalent) Qualified Persons Network (E1N) in Japan, a free support organization for the qualified people, and every year about more than a dozen or so are newly registered as Eiken interview examiners, and every time new examiners make his or her debuts somewhere in Japan.