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自著(日本語、英語)への追記と修正  Additions and revisions to my own book (in Japanese and English)

20058月に初版の執筆を完了した「わっ! 節電虫(益虫)が飛んできた!」の日本語版(5章、23節、79項、A-4176ページ、400字詰め原稿用紙換算で528ページ、写真を含む)はSTORYS4年をかけて日本語と英語で連載し、以下の釜本事務所ホームページでも無料公開しています。





I completed writing the first edition of the book in August 2005, "Wow! Here comes Setsuden-mushi! (An energy-saving (and beneficial) small device has flown in!) in Japanese (5 chapters, 23 sections, 79 paragraphs, 176 pages in A-4, 528 pages in 400-character manuscript paper equivalent, including photos) was serialized in STORYS in Japanese and English over 4 years, which are also available on the following OFFICE KTK Homepage.

It is currently being serialized in another media platform, NOTE, in both Japanese and English, with additions and revisions.

And now, I have added "Standby power of remote-controlled home appliances and how to save the power" as Chapter 1, Section 5, Paragraph 4. (The attached photo shows the table of contents, with the additions in red.)

This newly added section consists of four subsections, and since the serialization has been completed at the end of November this year, Chapter 2, "Inventions and Discoveries Anyone Can Make," will be published in serial form starting in December.

It will be several years for me to finish posting all five chapters.