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ゆめしま海道サイクリング(1) Yumeshima Kaido Cycling (1)





The Yumeshima Kaido (Sea Route) connects four islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Ehime Prefecture: Yugejima Island, Sashima Island, Ikinajima Island, and Iwagijima Island.

From the Hiroshima Prefecture side, there are two routes, one from Ikuchijima Island and the other from Innoshima Island, so I have decided to cycle each route in twice.

On Thursday, November 2, I carried my electric bicycle to Karoto Port on Innoshima by car and cycled from there to Yugejima, Sashima, and Ikinajima under a sunny summer day.

I plan to ride to Iwagijima next time by taking the route from Ikuchijima.