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英語保育プリスクール(2) Preschools using English during daycare (2)





① 尾道無料英会話道場・対面型( 1980年代~、日本、地域対象)


③ 英検1級(及び同等)有資格者ネットワーク(2014年~、日本、全域対象)


Preschools using English during daycare (2):

It is my wish to provide an environment where children can learn the language they want to learn, regardless of their parents' income. And for that purpose, I have provided the method of their learning English with less money on my Hope page (*).

While I have earned part of my income from businesses that use English (English tutoring, translation, interpretation, etc.), I have also created the following opportunities since 1980’s for as many people as possible to come into contact with English and exchange information (free of charge, or just the cost of the location).

(1) Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo, face-to-face (since 1980's, Japan, local areas)

(2) Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo, online (since 2010's - Worldwide)

(3) Eiken Level 1 (and equivalent) Qualified Persons’ Network (since 2014, Japan, for all areas)

These are where English can be learned for free or only for the cost of a place, the exact opposite of the preschools reported in the newspapers, where anyone can learn English at any time.


*) English Learning Problems and Solutions (in Japanese);