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英語保育プリスクール(1) Preschools using English during daycare (1)











The attached October 8, 2023 Asahi Shimbun article is about English preschools.

This article was introduced, confirmed, and discussed at a recent monthly meeting of the Eiken Level 1 (or equivalent) Qualified Persons’ Network (*).

A member in charge of English education at an elementary school in Tokyo that accepts many preschool graduates commented, "They have more English ability than other ordinary pupils, but many of them have problems with their basic attitudes in class.

This is probably because both parents and children overestimate and misunderstand their "English ability" and think that they are "better than others" to have some English skills.

I have reaffirmed the importance of parents' discipline and thinking in Japanese in the early English education (childcare) of their children, because "English ability" is not the same as humanity or intelligence.

This kind of business first (?) childcare using English would be viable in Japan, which has an English complex and a lousy multi-language education system, and in some other countries, such as China.

This is also a sad (?) phenomenon that is a true reflection of parental ego.

Care must be taken not to become victims to excessive commercialism.

I will post this continuation tomorrow.