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翻訳通訳業務とAIによる労力削減 Translation and interpretation services with less labor using AI





なお、全国で翻訳通訳の仕事をしている現役の通訳者、翻訳者の方々は私が主宰している「英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本」(*、現在の登録者数140名弱)にも多数います。


We have done a lot of translation and interpretation work in Japan and abroad for about 50 years. (See attached photos.)

Each one brings back memories when I look at the names of the companies, countries, and places I have recorded.

Compared to the translation work of the past, today, AI has made it possible to significantly reduce the amount of labor in work.

Of course, final checking for correctness of the translated text after AI translation is absolutely necessary for some levels and content, but the laborious effort has been reduced to a fraction of what it would have been in the past.

There are many active interpreters and translators working in translation and interpretation throughout Japan in the "Eiken Level 1 (& Equivalent) Qualified Members Network in Japan" that I preside over, which currently has nearly 140 registered members.

I wish each of them the best of luck in their future endeavors as they adapt to the changing times.