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国際刑事裁判所からの逮捕状 International Arrest Warrant by ICC







An arrest warrant for war crimes has been issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the world's most despicable, cowardly, and inhumane person for their armed invasion of Ukraine.

Children have been illegally transported to Russia from areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia, and Putin has been held responsible for these war crimes.

I heard on the BBC radio broadcast that Russian war crimes are not limited to mass murder, execution, torture, sexual assault, and mass destruction, but that criminal investigations are underway into the destruction of nature and the negative impact on flora and fauna.

The idea that the destruction of nature and the adverse effects of war on plants and animals are also war crimes seems new, but it is theoretical and makes sense.

In addition, the Brics Five Countries Conference is currently underway, and although Putin has been unable to attend this conference for fear of being arrested, China's is probably equally culpable regarding the armed invasion of Ukraine.

This concludes this week's 4 postings regarding "people".