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あーえー話し   Too many unnecessary connective sounds such as "umm" , "uhm" and others









TV baseball commentator with too many unnecessary connective sounds such as "umm" , "uhm" and others:

With the Carp's strong performance, I often enjoy their live games on TV in my hometown of Hiroshima.

I listen to the commentary of many commentators who used to be professional baseball players, and I feel uncomfortable when they use unnecessary and grating "umm" and "uh" a lot.

Such was the case with the RCC TV broadcast on July 26.

The number of "uh," "eh," "well," and "um," which are very annoying to the ears, is not less than 10 times per minute, which means that we had to listen to the annoying sounds hundreds of times during the broadcast time.

The quality of the commentary is not an issue, as the content of the commentary is fine, as it was given by a former professional baseball player.

The quality of his voice is not the issue.

But the commentary is on public television and radio, so it is essential for the commentator to be a professional.


Since he has accepted the job of commentary, he should record what he says, or the station should record it and hand it over to him to reflect on his "ah-ha talk" stories.