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“ノート”記事投稿一周年  First Anniversary of article posting to “note”





1.  節電技術開発 


2.  尾道、今は昔(動画)


3.  趣味のギター


4.  最近のFB記事から  




It is a media platform where creators can post texts, images, audio, and videos, and users can enjoy and support their contents. (

I started using this platform last July 12, so today is its first anniversary.

Since then, I have been submitting one to three creative pieces each week both in English and in Japanese in the following four genres (referred to as "magazines"), and it is one of my daily tasks.

The following are the titles and site addresses of the first submissions in each genre.

1.  Energy Saving Tech. Development

Preface (1) A mail from NTT 

2.  Onomichi, now and then (Videos)

ISHII Co., Ltd. 

3.  Guitar playing as a hobby

Recuerdos de la Alhambra 

4.  From FB articles 

How I fell in love with chemistry 


I hope you will take a look at them.