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シジュウカラの巣作り Nesting titmice








We have installed a nest box in our yard for several years.

Every year, tits would come down to check on the site, but they never started nesting.

This year, a pair of tits that had occasionally flown in during the winter began visiting the nest box frequently from the 16th this month, and the female started bringing in materials for nesting.

From early this morning, too, the male is on watch nearby while the female is in the nest, and after a short time the pair fly off to retrieve nest materials.

We hope that over the next two months or so, they will smoothly lay eggs, embrace the eggs, and hatch them.

(There are reports that the breeding and nesting rates are both around 50%, so the odds of seeing chicks leave the nest are not as high as one might think ・・・・.)