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メジロの朝食  White-eyes’ breakfast (212秒、2 minutes and 12 seconds)









The video is based on a submission I made to NHK Hiroshima a few days ago, which was featured in their evening program the other day.
I edited the recorded video with my own guitar performance as background music.

Thanks to the broadcast, several people, including old acquaintances in Hiroshima Prefecture, called and e-mailed me immediately after the broadcast.

Every year during the winter months of December through March, when food is scarce, I place a feeder for small birds in a corner of our garden a few meters across from the window close to the desk where I sit most days.
The feeder is surrounded by a coarse wire mesh that allows small birds such as white-eyes and tits to pass through, so there is no danger of larger birds intercepting the food.
The small birds can feed in peace.
I have also uploaded the BGM as a solo performance and as a duet on the following You Tube sites respectively.
Solo performance:
Duet performance: