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電気料金高騰対策 Electricity Bill Hike Measures








Energy and electricity bills are soaring all over the world.

Thanks to it (?), I have again received requests for my technical and product explanations from the people who have seen the need for the power-saving stand by Setsuden-mushi, power-saving devices that I developed more than 20 years ago and for which I received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

Recently, products (manufactured by Panasonic, pictured) with a switch that allows people to turn on and off a dedicated power outlet for air conditioners are placed in stores. The products are designed to encourage people to save stand-by electricity by turning them on and off by hand, but people often forget to turn them off, which does not help save electricity.

Furthermore, this requires replacement/installation work by an electrician.

On the other hand, when Setsuden-mushi(picture), the power-saving device of my development, is connected to the air conditioner, it automatically turns off the power when the user stops using the air conditioner and saves stand-by electricity without fail. It never forgets to turn off the air conditioner like humans do.

In addition, the power-saving insects need only be plugged into an electrical outlet and do not require replacement or installation work by an electrician.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the technology I have developed benefit society.