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酒 Sake 

趣味のギター on 休日 (20)、酒よ(410秒)







Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (20), Sake yo (4'10").
This song was written and composed by Ikuzo Yoshi.

I have uploaded this to YouTube as my first guitar solo in 2023.
I also played this song at the monthly gathering of local seniors as it is one of the most popular and well-known songs among the elderly (male) members of the community.

I rarely drink alcoholic beverages and I prefer juice though.

We will continue to try to select music that the participants of the meetings know well and that will please them.
At the end of each monthly meeting, we all sing "Good-by for today" together, and another caretaker and I play it on the guitar so that we can meet again next time in good health.