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休日のギター Guitar playing on holodays 

趣味のギター on 休日 (15) ラグリマ(涙):

「アルハンブラ(宮殿)の思い出」を作曲したフランシスコ.タレガ(1852 – 1909、スペインの作曲家・ギター奏者)の曲で、







Guitar playing as a hobby on holidays (15), Lagrima:

Francisco Talega (1852 - 1909, Spanish composer and guitarist), who is famous for as a composer of Recuerdos de la Alhambra, composed this as well, which has been often played on the classical guitar as a solo piece with poetic sentiment and is said to be one of his pieces named after ladies.

I also have been playing this for about 50 years and never get tired of it.

Perhaps the reason for this is that the melody allows me to express my moods and feelings of the moment in a straightforward manner.

This time, you can hear the sound of the fingers rubbing on the strings while playing, but it is like a singer's breath sound.

When playing slow music, using the bass strings with frets over the wide area, the friction noise is likely to occur.

A professional performer could lubricate the fingers and eliminate the sound with editing.