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NHK英会話講師(3)、英語留学の前にすべきこと NHK English Conversation Instructor (3), what to do before studying English abroad

1979年から8年間、 NHKテレビ英会話Ⅰの講師を務められた小川邦彦教授が54歳で亡くなられた後で「小川邦彦の使える英語の教え方・学び方」の編集に尽力された古家貴雄教授(山梨大学・教育学部長)がこの本の序文に以下のように書かれています。
After Prof. Kunihiko Ogawa, who taught on NHK TV English I for eight years from 1979, passed away at the age of 54, Prof. Takao Furuya, dean of Education department, who was instrumental in editing "How to Teach and Learn Useful English by Kunihiko Ogawa," wrote the following in the preface to this book.
Once I asked Prof. Ogawa whether his English was improved since he had started studying abroad, and he replied that he had already acquired a certain level of English before he went abroad.
When I read this, I thought to myself, “I get it.”
It is possible for children up to the early grades of elementary school to acquire sufficient English skills in an English-speaking country over a sufficient period of time (10 years).
However, for middle and high school students and adults, it is difficult to acquire English skills in the same way described above because of time and money constraints.
In other words, junior and senior high school students and adults who wish to study abroad must first acquire as much English skills as possible in Japan, and then brush up their English skills to a level that will be sufficient in a foreign country. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money.
I have written about the same idea in two of my own books (free of charge) that I have now been posting on the Internet.
Adequate advance preparation is necessary for success, as it is in most other cases.