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舟 歌  Barcarole

趣味のギター (4) / Guitar playing as a hobby (4)
フランスのギタリスト、作曲家のナポレオン・コスト(1805年6月28日 – 1883年2月17日)が作曲したクラシックギターの曲です。
This was composed by Napoléon Coste (27 June 1805 – 14 January 1883), a French classical guitarist and composer.
In Japan, Aki Yashiro's enka, Funauta, whose Japanese pronunciation is the same as Barcarole, is also famous, and I played it in a triple ensemble about 10 years ago. But I prefer this guitar piece as one of my favorites and I have been playing it solo since I was in my 20s.
Since July of this year, I have also been using this as the intro and ending for a re-edited version of the TV program I previously produced, "Once upon a time in Onomichi and Neighboring".