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原爆の日、敗戦の日  The day of the atomic bombing and the day of the defeat in the war

Every year in Japan, August marks the day of the atomic bombing and the day of the defeat in the war.
Scenes from the World War II can be seen in almost all of NHK morning dramas.
The intent of the production is up to the viewer to interpret, but I positively understand it is the message for us not to forget the state responsibility, the war criminals and the huge number of sacrificed people in the war.
My father was one of three siblings.
His older brother was killed in the war at the young age of 27, and not a single hair of his body was left behind, so I only know his face from his portrait.
His younger brother was exposed to the atomic bomb and lived a painful life.
So whenever I see these TV scenes, I always remember my two uncles and I will never forget them.
I am the last of my generation in my family line to know and remember them.
At the same time, these war scenes also remind me of the national responsibility and the war criminals and their associates who were responsible for the war, and I also always remember them with bitterness in a different meaning.
Even if those related to the war criminals were to make achievements in politics, I would consider them as deserved atonements for so many tragic war victims and for the defeated nation of Japan, and I would never evaluate them favorably.