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節電、プラグを抜いてできる量と電力予備率 Amount of power saved by plugging out and the power reserve ratio

With another power supply crisis predicted for this year, calls to save electricity have been being made daily through the media.
The basic rule of saving electricity is to unplug unused electrical appliances from the wall outlets.
However, in most cases, people do not unplug electrical products from their outlets because of the hassle involved and the convenience of using electrical products.
The power consumption of electrical appliances left plugged in is called standby power consumption, and accounts for 4-6% of total power consumption.
And this standby power consumption figure is larger than the 3% power reserve ratio when an electricity supply-demand crunch alert is issued.
The technology that automatically performs the state of plug removal is Setsuden-mushi(SOD, technology, device), and for this development I received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize in 1996, and NTT adopted this technology.