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観光客受け入れ再開とリスクマネジメント  Reopening to tourists and risk management

私が主宰している「英検1級有資格者ネットワーク in 日本」(メンバー数;130余名、)にも多くの通訳案内士有資格者がおられ、窮状はお聞きしていますので、一日も早い復旧正常化を希望しています。
Although the reopening is limited to escorted group tours, it seems that it has finally resumed.
There are many qualified guide interpreters in the "Eiken Level 1 Qualified People’s Network in Japan" (more than 130 members), which I preside over, and I have heard of their plight, so I hope that the situation will be restored to normal as soon as possible.
However, in reality, the resumption of tourist interpretation services is not expected until the spring of next year of 2023.
Risk management is very important even for a private business, and it is necessary for them to have several different fields of work.