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狂ったプーチンと核、最悪のシナリオ、ロシアの本性   Insane Putin and Nukes, Worst-Case Scenario, Russian Nature

Every day we have been informed of the dire situation in Ukraine caused by Russia's war of aggression.
Russia's true nature of treachery and bullying of the weak has not changed at all since the looting of Japanese territory at the end of World War II.
The worst-case scenario in the current Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is that Ukrainian resistance causes Russia to attack and destroy nuclear facilities, including power plants, and cause a catastrophe.
Even if the destruction of the nuclear facilities might be carried out by Ukraine in the event of a deepening defeat, that too would be Russia's responsibility.
Consequently, this will lead to the unity of NATO countries and a defensive counterattack that will lead to Russia's defeat and the dismantling of Russia.
People, especially crazy Putin, are stupid, so the nuclear tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over 70 years ago is of no concern to him at all.
Putin will not stop his foolish behavior unless he himself causes a greater tragedy and becomes a leading figure in his own tragedy (suicide, murder, execution).
And it is the Russians’ responsibility for a long time to compensate, repair, and restore the hearts and minds of the people of Ukraine's destruction.