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2月前半の尾道無料英会話道場(OESS)と英検1級有資格者ネットワーク(E1N) in 日本の月例会  Meetings of Onomichi Free English School (OESS) and Monthly Eiken Level 1 Network (E1N) in Japan in the firs

1. OESS午前コース、2月05日(土、19:00~): 沈没、汚染、そして移転するインドネシアの首都
2. OESS夕方コース、2月10日(木、10:30~): アラン語-スペインの知られざる言語
3. E1N月例会、2月12日(土、20:00~): 人生の宝物
They were held on the following dates with each talking topic.
1. OESS, Feb. 5th (Sat. 19:00~): Indonesia's capital is sinking, polluted and now moving
2. OESS, Feb. 10th (Thurs. 10:30~): Aranese- Spain's little-known language
3. E1N, Feb. 12th (Sat. 20:00~): Treasure(s) of your life
Both English conversation dojos ended the meeting with news and questions from the members, and the topics were carried over to the next meeting.
The summary of Life's Treasures is available at the following site.