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40数年ぶりの化学実験  First chemical experiment in about 40 some years

その理由は2001年のアジア生産性機構(APO、国際機関、 21ヶ国・地域加盟)の台湾での年次総会に出席した時(日本から2名参加)、ヒマラヤのふもとのネパールでは染色排水を垂れ流ししていることを聞き、ずっと気になっていたからです。

It is what I restarted in March this year.
I have started to try again in the chemical field along the lines with SDGs, which also means my going back to source, an ethical and earth-friendly technology development.
The reason why I have started this is that I still remember the Nepalese delegation having confessed their continued discharging of the dyeing water without water treatment at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains when I attended the annual general meeting of Asian Productivity Organization (an International organization,, 21 countries) as one of two in the Japanese delegation in Taipei in 2001.
I have made 11 experiments so far from March, all of which showed only the negative results.
But at least I could finish the experiments and they suggest me which way I should go and/or what to do next and never failures.
The 12th one I made the other day seems to be a 50% success thanks to some hint to the next step having been obtained.
But it is quite natural in this kind of experiments.
How happy I am with the life of chemical experiments!
Just for your further information, the chemical development work had been my work in the technical laboratory of TOYOBO until I was a little before 30 years old in the 1970s.
And I changed it into the electronic related technical one, an electricity saving technology in the 1990s.