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英語学習の基本姿勢 Basic approach of English learning

1. たくさんのお金を使う必要はありません。
2. 何年も外国に行く(留学する)必要は必ずしもありません。
3. 外国人英会話教師は必ずしも必要ではありあません。
4. 必要なのは自分に合った英語の勉強方法(*)を見つけて楽しく努力を継続する意思と行動力です。
5. これまでに英語に対する苦手意識も関係ありません。
6. 日本語が基本的にできる人は英語も必ずできます。
A small change has finally come to be seen in Japanese English education system since the Education Ministry tried to judge the practical English skills of the applicants’ in the nationwide standardized university entrance test this year.
It must be the first time in the past 100 years.
My personal attitude to acquire practical English skills are as follows and I have put them into practice.
1. It is not needed to use much money.
2. It is not always necessary to study abroad in English speaking countries for many years.
3. It is not always necessary to have foreign English-speaking teachers.
4. What is necessary is to find a suitable English learning method (*) and to have a strong will to pursue it pleasantly.
5. It has nothing to do with having been not good at English up to now.
6. We can get English skills for sure if we have Japanese skills.
(*) The concrete English self-learning method has been written in my 2nd writing and in the homepage of OFFICE KTK written above, which I have recommended for high school students and adults.