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Go To キャンペーン ‘Go To’ campaigns in Japan

政府、特に管首相は感染防止とは真逆のキャンペーン「Go To トラベル」と「Go To イート」を意固地になって依然として継続しています。
COVID-19 infection continues prevailing with no sign of being under control.
It is clearly said the causes are movement of persons and eating out in large groups.
Is it such a difficult thing to refrain from traveling and eating out under this situation?
Our Japanese Government, especially Prime Minister Suga, still pigheadedly continues to promote two campaigns of ‘Go To Travel’ and ‘Go To Eat’, which are quite opposite to the infection prevention.
It is foolish not to cope with this situation without listening to the doctors even after the causes have been made clear.
It is not only traveling industry and food service business that are in trouble with COVID-19 pandemic.