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旅行社による催行キャンセル Cancellation of trips by travel agencies

JTB with deficit of 15.1 billion yen.
The travel by JTB we had applied for this year was canceled because the number of the travelers did not reach the minimum passenger count. And they introduced us another travel course, but we did not accept it of course.
This kind of cancelation is legal under the mutual travel contract. But however legal it may be, no business model that betrays customers’ expectation and/or that lacks ethical sense or common sense can be understood and it disappears in the end.
It is clear that they intend to lead those whose travels were canceled to other travel courses only for their profit.
This kind of lawful but cheap business model only leads to betraying the customers, inviting the fallen credibility and the customer churn.
I feel I have seen one of the reasons why JTB declared huge losses on the business year ending in March, 2019.