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全国的な活動は2014年に始めましたが、今年になって活発化している「英検1級資格者ネットワーク in 日本」です。
Volunteer activities: 
I hesitate to say a little, but I have now four volunteer activities.地域活動-音楽-英語/ (in Japanese)
They are never largeness because they are what I can do to the extent that I can to be of help for the society. 
Three of them are local ones and the other one is nationwide.
One of the three is presiding over the annual music festival in Spring I started in 2012, whose caretaker has been changed to a younger member this year though.
The other two of the three are ESS for adults and students in the morning and in the evening twice a month respectively, which I started back in the 1980s. 
The nationwide one is ‘STEP 1st Graders’ Network in Japan’ I started in 2014.
All of them can be carried out easily and it is my pleasure to have friends and/or to make the participants happier through the activities.