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医食同源  A balanced diet leads to a healthy body.

Kon-chan and his good health:
Mr. Kon Oomura is an 87 year-old comedian and actor in Japan, who the young people may not know about so much.
I listened to the latter half of his interview on the radio in the early morning on Jan. 5th, finding that he has been careful about taking enough time of sleeping and what he eats to keep his good health.
He has been trying to keep 7 or 8 hours for sleep and he prefers to eat 7 kinds of food, which can be expressed mago-wa-yasashi-i in Japanese pronunciation, which means grandchildren are gentle.
Here in mago-wa-yasashi-i, ma is for mame (beans), go is for goma (sesame), wa for wakame (seaweeds), ya for yasai (vegetables), sa for sasime (fresh fishes), shi for shiitake (mushrooms) and i for imo (potatoes).
I could not find ni for niku (meats), smiling with satisfaction.