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巡りくる事象  Repeated events


Wow! Here comes Setsuden-mushi!:
This is one of the book titles I have ever written, where setsuden means electricity saving and mush means a little device. 
Fifteen years ago, in 2003, I got a call from Mr. Nagai, a manager of the editorial depart ment of Kyobunsha, a publishing company in Tokyo.
He told me that he wanted me to write about the electricity saving I had been working on in those days because fewer and fewer good books had been published.
Then I sent the table of contents I would write, getting their approval for it and met Mr. Nagai and the editor in charge in person before I started writing the book (about 400 pages of 400-character manuscript paper).
The content covers my own family life, my ideas regarding English learning and technology development and so on with time for about 50 years from the electricity shortage period after World War Second (in 1950's) until the time of Setsuden-mushi development (in 2000's) though I have not finished translating it into English. 
Writing books is not my job so that I decided to open it on the web for anyone to be able to download it and about 2,000 people have downloaded it for nothing for a few years.
For some reasons the free download delivery has been stopped for a long time, but it has now been resumed and if you would like to get it, I am happy for you to download it as a digitl data for nothing after you let me know your wish.