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気楽に正しい方法でやればできるのに・・・・。 Take it easy and rightly then you can make it.

Production vocabulary and reception vocabulary:
The production vocabulary, meaning freely usable vocabulary, of Japanese 9th graders’ is about 100 in number and the reception one, meaning catchable vocabulary, about 500 according to the English lecture on NHK. 
The students seriously studying English on NHK English programs can reach this level, but the students studying at public schools and/or private cram schools can’t, I am sure, even high school students.
On the other hand, 67% of the daily conversations among native English speaking people consist of about 100 words according to the same lecturer on NHK.
This means if we Japanese could get about 100 freely usable words of the 9th graders’ level, we would communicate in day-to-day situations in English.
But this is unbelievable in Japan. The reason why it is not the case in Japan is that Japanese English education system has been wrong.